Wraps or sterisheet

For packaging and sterilization


We have products to package and protect medical devices such as instruments, hospital clothing, accessories, etc., which will be subjected to different sterilization methods such as steam autoclave, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Desmedicos - envolvederas
General Characteristics
  • Resistentes.
  • Breathable that allows the penetration of the sterilizing agent.
  • Fluid repellency.
  • Low shedding of particles and/or fibers.
  • Design adjustable to the client’s needs.
  • It has Invima (sanitary) registration No. 2019DM-0019505.
    Recommended uses
    • Small and large surgery equipment.
    • Hospital clothing.
    • Containers.
    • Cleaning equipment.
    • Surgical cameras and cables, among others.


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