Hospital Clothing


We have products to protect the surfaces of medical offices, surgical rooms, procedure rooms and hospital stretchers, to reduce the probability of infections, facilitating hygiene tasks and preparation for surgical procedures and/or patient check-ups.

General Characteristics
  • Sterile and non-sterile as required.
  • Resistant.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Fluid repellency: low, moderate or high; according to the type of fabric.
  • Low shedding of particles and/or fibers.
  • Adjustable design to the client’s needs
Disposable Sheets

They are designed with disposable fabrics, standard measurements and/or required by the client, they can be flat, spring or adjustable with straps or without straps.

  • Recommended uses:  Hospital stretchers.
Fabric rolls for stretcher

They are available with disposable fabrics, standards according to the width of the stretchers, facilitating rapid asepsis and preparation of the consultation or primary care area.
It is presented in a roll, to be dispensed continuously.

  • Recommended uses: Hospital stretchers.

They are designed in fabric and measurements required, according to the furniture equipment or surface that the client requires (mayo covers, tube covers, screen covers, handlebar covers, among others).

  • Recommended uses: Medical Equipment, furniture or required surfaces.


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