Arthroscopy Surgical Kit or Package


We design surgical packages or kits for arthroscopies, a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows us to diagnose and treat joint problems; characterized by the introduction, through small incisions, of a camera (arthroscope) that allows the entire joint to be viewed completely.

Paq Artroscopia
Characteristics of disposable fabric
  • Allows fluid control, prevents the transfer of liquids (works as a protective barrier).
  • Resistance to tearing or wear.
  • Low fiber shedding.
  • Breathable.
  • Absorbent.
Features of the surgical package
  • Bidirectional security for patient and health professional.
  • Fenestrated surgical drape sheet according to the type of incision according to the procedure.
  • Reliable adhesion: to delimit the incision in the most precise way.
  • Components of the surgical package in the order required by the client.
  • Packaging that guarantees sterility, effectiveness and safety, providing a barrier against microbial penetration.
Recommended uses
  • Arthroscopic meniscus surgery.
  • Knee arthroscopy or cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery.
  • Shoulder arthroscopy.
  • Elbow arthroscopy.
  • Drying Towels.
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Surgical gowns with reinforcement
  • Antifluid mayo table cover.
  • Open Surgical drape.
  • Additional antifluid Open surgical drape (according to the complexity of the operated joint)
  • Polyethylene Sterisheet or sterile wrapper
  • Chemical indicator of sterility.

*The content may vary or be adjusted, according to the requirements of each client


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